Classic and Custom

The theme is art, due to the uniqueness that the accommodations offer, we include the difference and each site can represent the desire to create a new work.

We want to publish your original work here, on our website, on Facebook and on Instagram. Registering this very special moment deserves to be shared with everyone, do not let shyness be dominant, unlock the artistic talent that is camouflaged.

All accommodations are equipped with:

  • Cable TV
  • Mini bar
  • Wine cellar
  • Coffee machine
  • Electric kettle
  • Wi-Fi
  • Double bed
  • Private toilet
  • Amenities

"Atelier" Room

This place has an invigorating energy, a large door gives access to the outside, and in this room, you can develop the practice of painting, be it a simple line or the personification of the art that was contained and now, represented with the colors that are inspiring. Share with us, with the world, your story is very interesting and we want to know it.

Bedroom 13.00 M2 | Bathroom 6.00 M2 = 19 M2

** PET accepted in this room - Fee 5.00 per day

"Write" Room

The words are inspiring, reflect a thought, awaken the most profound about what we feel and writing them down is the best way to know the size of the potential that was dormant. Hearing the words, that sound that was produced by the senses, is printed and will not disappear, has been recorded and is sure to leave a feeling of pleasure. In the bedroom, a beautiful balcony will give access to the backyard of the world to translate what is in the recesses of your existence and if you prefer, you can go up to the mezzanine and ramble. We hope your stay will be more dynamic and different..

Bedroom 12.80 M2 | Bathroom 3.50 M2 | Balcony 3.90 M2 | Mezzanine 6.00 M2 = 26.2 M2

** PET accepted in this room - Fee 5.00 per day

"Music" Room

Moved by the sound that transforms the balance of the senses, the music inspires and stimulates the brain. Perhaps composing, playing a guitar or just listening to the music that is so inspiring to you, renew your energies. This place is perfect for you.

Bedroom 13.00 M2 | Bathroom 5.50 M2 = 18.50 M2

** PET is not accepted in this room

"Movement" Room

Dancing, interpreting are elements that make the body feel the powerful vibrations emerging, this place will be special, explore it. The space is unique and the balcony is the attraction of this room, come and identify which character inspires you. Do not value introspection, dance irreverently and act, yes, choose a character that was your reference and register him, it will be memorable to be able to share this moment of your stay with us..

Bedroom 16.50 M2 | Bathroom 5.00 M2 | Balcony 6.50 M2 = 28 M2

** PET accepted in this room - Fee 5.00 per day

"Memory" Room

t is the place to enjoy the tranquility that is necessary for the balance of the body, in white tones, like a page to be filled, it needs only a few colors and, you can be responsible for coloring with your imagination. The theme is the films that have been successful at the box office worldwide.

Bedroom 9.50 M2 | Bathroom 2.50 M2 = 12 M2

** PET is not accepted in this room