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Refúgio das Artes 

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Located in the Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, Refúgio das Artes is a new concept aimed at people who seek a refuge to rest effectively and through the arts, free themselves from reality, find in the imagination the emotions that are usually forgotten with the urgency of everyday life. Art is invigorating, transforms, sensitizes and detoxifies the mind, raises self-esteem and helps to awaken intellectuality. Come and read that book that hasn't been read yet. That song that is still latent, does not come out of thought, come listen here. And the desire to write a book, a short story or just throw the words into the universe, start little by little, either with a pencil or your fingers pressing the keys of the typewriter, start soon, be kind to yourself. Poetry that has not yet been recited, he / she, wants to hear, promotes the unlocking of discoveries. There are 1,500 m2 of space to be explored, each site has been prepared so that the best sensations are felt.

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